A63 Motorway Upgrade

UK Projects



A complex and high profile European €1.1bn PPP project to upgrade a 105km major border route.

  • Financing, design and construction
  • Completed 7 months ahead of schedule as JV partners
  • World’s first solar motorway trial
  • Widening and upgrade project of existing 105km secondary road
  • Construction of two cross-lane toll barriers
  • Parking facilities for 1,200 HGVs


Project value


Major border route


  • Improving safety
    Environmental aspects
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Fire prevention in pine forests
  • Operational disruption from forest fires
  • Increasing traffic fluidity to reduce pollution and noise


  • First solar motorway trial installing skid-resistant solar panels
  • Dedicated light vehicle lane barring HGVs
  • Innovative financing structure
  • Energy generated powers all equipment of the Saugnacq-et-Muret toll plaza
  • Bridges for wildlife crossings
  • Innovative social value campaigns aimed at driver