The award winning Colas team is challenging perceptions with a range of ground-breaking innovations, clever solutions and an adaptability that is delivering effective results.

We offer cutting-edge innovative technology and a genuinely collaborative approach. At Colas, we listen to you and work with you to find the best solutions to meet your objectives. Colas has invested in developing the next generation of traffic solutions all with the aim of delivering more efficient, safer road journeys for users.

Innovating for tomorrow's highways

From our new traffic controller, M@estro, to our latest full colour V3 Variable Message Signs, Colas has invested in developing the next generation of traffic solutions. The amazing potential of our Wattway photo-voltaic road surface has already been recognised and Flowell, our intelligent road markings system looks set to transform the highway. Our innovative lighting technology provides a sustainable long term solution, through the use of energy-efficient LED lanterns and our Central Management System hardware.

Street Lighting

Our specialist lighting teams collaborate with you to provide solutions that meet your specifications, and integrate with the local environment. We have provided street lighting and decorative lighting services in a range of locations, including trunk roads and motorways, residential estates, pedestrianised streets and recreational areas.

Where possible, we install innovative technology to provide a sustainable long-term solution, through the use of energy-efficient LED lanterns and our Central Management System hardware. Colas can provide maintenance support before, during and after LED installations and can also undertake cyclical maintenance activities and manage a column replacement programme for expired lighting units.

Variable Message Signs

Our in-house team designs, manufactures, installs and repairs message signs for the local, urban or strategic road networks. Colas continues to innovate with our all-new V3 VMS bringing a step-change to in highways signage to the UK this year. These intelligent signs are available in a variety of sizes, can be remotely operated and display full colour messages, pictures, maps, photographs or even films on full matrix screens.

Over the past twenty years Colas has installed over 8,000 items. We developed our innovative off-site approach to installing Variable Message Signs (VMS) which delivers faster, safer installation, minimal requirement for traffic management and less disruption to road users.


Traffic Signals

Colas supplies, installs, commissions and maintains traffic signals equipment across the globe. In the UK we work with mainly with Local Authorities where typically we engage in refurbishment projects, installation schemes or term maintenance contracts.

Our new, ground-breaking M@estro traffic signal control is designed to improve vehicle flow, enhance control and offers futuristic capabilities. Developed by the Colas Group, M@estro is an intelligent controller, already in operation internationally, capable for running sites on MOVA 8, UG405 and has UTC capabilities.

With vehicle technology developing rapidly, M@estro anticipates future developments in traffic control requirements and offers the prospect of intelligent control today.


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