Innovative CYCLOPS Junction



Trail blazing junction design

Colas have completed construction works on Area 1a – Chorlton Road in Manchester which features the first CYCLOPS junction in the UK. This innovative scheme is one of the early phases of the £13.4m investment into the Manchester to Chorlton Cycling and Walking route being developed by Manchester City Council, the One Trafford Partnership, Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, with funding from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Challenge Fund and the Government’s Cycle Cities Ambition Grant. The scheme is part of the Bee Network which will form the UK’s largest joined up cycling and walking network, covering 1800 miles.




phases running at any time


  • Planning the programme to minimise disruption to the public on this popular commuter route
  • Incomplete pre-construction fibre-optic service diversion works were a major risk towards project commencement and achieving the target programme completion date
  • COVID-19 midway through the project


  • Work was planned to occur in small low impact phases,
  • Working on three smaller phases at any one time was a major factor in enabling us to reduce time
  • We worked with the client and re-phased our works to the CYCLOPS junction of Royce Road, allowing the planned diversion to be completed during the early weeks of our contractual programme
  • Our collaborative approach with the client enabled us to safely progress the works under key worker status