Portsmouth Highways Management PFI Contract




An innovative and sustainable approach to highway maintenance. A contract delivered to Portsmouth City Council in partnership with Ensign Highways Limited.

  • Daily maintenance and full management of the highways network

  • Routine and winter maintenance and emergencies

  • Street lighting and illuminated street furniture services

  • Street cleansing on a daily cycle, surface drainage maintenance

  • Maintenance and management of structures

  • Licences management and co-ordination with utilities


square meters of roads resurfaced


lamp columns replaced

Contract in detail

  • Highways - monthly inspections are carried out resulting in over 100,000 defects including potholes, paving slabs and trip hazards being repaired to date.
    Street lighting - ongoing maintenance includes structural testing, lamp replacement and the introduction of new LED’s - making savings for the city.
  • Street Cleansing - roads are cleaned on a daily cycle, with over 8,000 routes swept and cleaned each week.
  • Gullies - there are in excess of 21,000 gullies/drains which are cleaned over a 2-year programme, as well as ad hoc blockages attendances.
  • Customer complaints - the number of customer complaints have reduced significantly. Portsmouth ranked in the top 3 for services in the National Highway & Transport (NHT) Survey for 5 consecutive years.
  • Recycling - the PFI contract contributes to the reuse and recycling of materials from works. Over 95% of the materials are recycled.
  • www.colasportsmouth.co.uk - new website, allows residents to see where works are taking place, to report incidents and apply for licences.
  • Work carried out in the first 5 years - 1,330,000m2 of roads resurfaced, 9,700 lamp columns replaced, works on 49 Structures carried out.