Available in a variety of grades, Bitucrete can be used for footway repairs, patching, reinstatements and temporary surfacing.

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Bitucrete is a deferred set, storage grade macadam which is ideal for use as a first time permanent repair material in footways; footpaths and cycle tracks. It is also ideal for instant high quality temporary repairs on carriageways. Bitucrete is cold applied and therefore safe to handle.

Bitucrete provides an immediate cure for potholes in car parks, roads, drives, factory floors and many other surfaces. Bitucrete is a combination of paving grade bitumens, additives and selected aggregates. High PSV granite or basalt aggregate makes it suitable for all classes of road and footway. Available in black and red.


Where to use?

  • Patches potholes in bituminous surfaces
  • Reinstates trenches in lightly trafficked surfaces
  • Provides temporary ramping for high kerbs and exposed ironwork
  • Fills worn areas in paths and drives


Ensure that the surface to be repaired is clean and free from loose material, oil, grease and standing water. Prime base surface with Leotak.

Edges of the area to be repaired should be formed vertically as far as possible and then treated with Bitukold, RS Bitukold or RS Bitukold Spray edge sealant prior to forming joints. For small potholes, Bitukold, RS Bitukold or RS Bitukold Spray may be used over the surface area of the hole as a tack coat. Workability can be ensured even in cold weather by simply manipulating the Bitucrete in its sealed bag. N.B: To aid workability of bagged Bitucrete in winter, store bags in a warm area (>10°C ambient temperature) for 24 hours prior to use if possible.


Tip sufficient Bitucrete from the bag to over-fill the hole, ensuring that all corners are filled. Compact the material to the surrounding level using a compactor, roller or hand tamper depending on the nature of the site. For large areas use a vibrating plate or roller slightly wetting the drum with water. If under-filling has taken place, simply add more product and compact to level. Material should not be laid any deeper than 2½ times the size of the nominal stone in any one layer. The repair will withstand immediate heavy trafficking, however, where the repair is to be crossed by fork-lift trucks and HGVs, extra compaction and curing time must be allowed. Bitucrete remains flexible for some time after application. Curing is brought about by both air drying and compaction. The rate of cure is dependent upon temperature as well as the weight and volume of traffic. However, under normal traffic conditions, Bitucrete will not depress, track or pick up during the curing process. As the material will take up the contours of potholes naturally and form an immediate repair, it is ideal for irregularly shaped potholes. Bitucrete is also suitable for temporary ramping of exposed ironwork.

Grade Nominal Size Material Specification
4mm 0/4mm AC 4 fine surf 160/220DS
6mm 0/6mm AC 6 med surf 160/220DS
6mm (Red) 0/6mm AC 6 med surf 160/220DS
10mm 0/10mm AC 10 close surf 160/220DS


Spread Rate Guide

Average thickness of course (mm)



20 18 to 24
25 15 to 19
30 13 to 15
35 11 to 13
40 10 to 12
45 9 to 11
50 8 to 10
60 7 to 8.5
70 6 to 6.5
75 5 to 6.5
100 4 to 5


Bitucrete is available in 25kg sealed plastic bags (40 x 25kg per pallet).


Bitucrete has a storage life of up to six months in sealed bags and under good storage conditions. Bags are batch numbered for easy stock rotation.


Bitucrete complies with BS EN 13108-1 Bituminous mixtures. Material Specification. Asphalt Concrete.



  • Wear suitable protective clothing (heat resistant gauntlet gloves, overalls, protective footwear, face visor)
  • DO NOT allow water to contact hot material
  • DO NOT exceed the maximum safe heating temperature


If molten material contacts skin:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove
  • Immerse the affected area in cold running water for at least 10 minutes
  • Seek medical advice without delay
  • This product is hazardous for transportation when carried at temperatures above 100°C 


For full safety information, please download the Bitucrete Safety Data Sheet 03B in the link available below on this page.

For further information please contact us using the contact details provided on the page.