Problems with bridge expansion joints are well known. A punishing environment created by traffic loads and climate conditions means that the right jointing system is imperative if the structure and bearings are to be protected from water and salts.

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C-Joint Product


Expansion joint systems developed in the past have either not performed adequately, e.g. due to mechanical failure, or were not cost effective. C-Joint bridges this gap.

C-Joint is the perfect choice of system for low to medium movement bridge expansion joints. It is an asphaltic plug joint which is able to accommodate up to ±25mm horizontal movement from mid gap opening position. Special grades are designed for greater movement for particular situations.

The main components of C-Joint are a high performance elastomer modified bitumen binder and single size aggregate. Together they create a joint matrix which gives both flexibility and strength enabling the joint to accommodate all kinds of movement whether they are thermal, rotational or traffic induced. As it is completely watertight the bridge structure and bearing system are fully protected.

Several different grades of binder are available in order to meet different climatic conditions throughout the world. For the bridge engineer C-Joint is a cost effective, durable and versatile bridge joint system and comes with the guarantee of the Colas name.


Features & Benefits


C-Joint is virtually omni-directional being able to accommodate longitudinal, rotational, vertical and transverse movements. It can accommodate up to ±25mm horizontal movement.


Being completely watertight, C-Joint protects the structure and bearing system from moisture. Drainage can be incorporated into C-Joint to remove any sub surface water.


When trafficked there is little or no increase in noise levels.

Quick Installation

Rapid installation and the ability to be installed in partial widths reduces the disruption to road users and other costs.

Versatile and Adaptable

C-Joint can be installed in new and old structures and is constructed to meet the requirements of individual sites.

Rapidly and Easily Repaired

If damaged by accident, C-Joint can be easily and rapidly repaired. During resurfacing work it can be planed off and topped up again.


C-Joint is flush with the road surface, provides no obstacle to traffic and has no parts to come loose and become traffic hazards.


C-Joint contains no mechanical parts which may require replacement and is able to withstand structure movements and traffic loads in all climates.


For full safety information, please request the C-Joint Safety Data 91 Sheet using the contact information on this webpage.