Colas HSC10

Colas HSC10 is a pre-packaged cement based concrete containing graded aggregates and non-shrink additives. Colas HSC10 is supplied to site ready to use only requiring the addition of mixing water to produce a medium workability high strength durable concrete.

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Colas Mortar Products C45 C60 C90 Non-shrink Concrete


The mixed concrete, when placed, will harden in approximately 10 minutes and reach initial set in approximately 15 minutes. Colas HSC10 rapid strength mortar can be placed in a single pass from 30mm to 400mm. Thicker sections can be achieved by placing additional layers once the preceding layer has reached initial set. The compressive strength gain will reach 18N/mm² within 1 hour allowing early opening of roads to vehicular traffic. The rapid setting assists the re-bedding of manhole frames and the setting of new frame systems. The product is chloride free and can be safely used with cast iron and steel units. After placement, no special curing is required in moderate ambient conditions.

Where to use?

  • Infilling around re-bedded raised manhole
  • Infilling around manhole frames in new roads
  • Support of road furniture


Laitance and all loose material including dust, oil and grease should be removed in order to produce a sound substrate. The work area should be pre-wetted taking care to remove any standing water before placing the Colas HSC10 concrete. To achieve the most consistent concrete mix, mechanical mixing is recommended. Thorough hand mixing is suitable but care should be taken to ensure that the mix is fully wetted out without the use of excess water. Mechanical mixing may be carried out in a suitable vessel using a slow speed high torque drill and paddle. Hand mixing may be carried out using a clean spot board or wheelbarrow.


Each 25kg tub or bag of Colas HSC10 requires 1.0 to 1.75 litres of water to give a stiff concrete. Excess water should not be added. Combine the aggregate and cement portions and gradually add water until a stiff concrete consistency is achieved. Once setting of the concrete has commenced, further mixing should not be used to re-work the mix. The concrete should be placed within approximately 5 minutes of mixing. The working time may be extended in cold ambient conditions and may be slightly shortened in hot ambient conditions.

Required mixing water is 1.0 to 1.75 litres. Aggregates as supplied contain moisture. Do not add excessive water. Variations in water content for particular applications may alter concrete consistency and compressive strength achieved. Place mixed concrete onto dampened prepared substrate as soon as possible after mixing.

Compact concrete into place using a suitable tamp or float. Tools and mixers should be cleaned with water before the Colas HSC10 has hardened.

Curing: No special curing is required at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.


The volume yield of each 25kg bag or 25kg tub of Colas HSC10 is approximately 12 litres. 


Colas HSC10 is supplied in 25kg bags (50 x 25kg bags per pallet) and 25kg buckets (40 x 25kg per pallet).


Colas HSC10 rapid strength mortar will have a shelf life of 6 months when kept in unopened packaging at a temperature of 5°C to 35°C. Storage at higher temperatures may reduce the shelf life.


Colas HSC10 conforms to BES 6001 “Responsible sourcing of construction product”.


Concrete for installing ironwork such as manhole cover frames during repairs may be trafficked when the strength is expected to be 20N/mm². For rapid construction, this strength should be achieved within 2 hours. Colas HSC10 will achieve the required strength of 20N/mm² within 1½ hours at a temperature of 20°C.

Typical Mortar Properties @ 20ºC

Compressive Strength 60mins 18MPa
1 day 40MPa
28 days 60MPa
Particle Size 0 – 10.0mm
Density 2300 – 2400kg/m³
Approx. Working Life @ 20ºC 10 mins


For full safety information, please request the Colas HSC10 Safety Data Sheet 154 and 155 using the contact information on this webpage.