Bond Coats

Colbond 50

Colbond 50 is nominally a 50% binder content polymer modified bondcoat bitumen emulsion.

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Colbond 50 forms a uniform film of polymer modified bitumen on the road surface which promotes a strong adhesive bond between a bituminous overlay and the existing surface. The application of Colbond 50 also improves the waterproofing of the road pavement.

Colbond 50, when fully broken, prevents ‘pick-up’ on the wheels, tracks or tyres of the paver/delivery vehicles and prevents debonding of the overlay during subsequent service life when subjected to traffic stresses.

Where to use?

  • Carriageways
  • Footways
  • Car parks


Surface to be sprayed must be free from detritus, standing water, loose material and oil spillage.


Prior to the application Colbond 50 should be homogenized thoroughly. Colbond 50 should be applied at 0.7L/m² to achieve the recommended 0.35kg/m² residual spread rate stated in BS594987 Clause 5.5.2. Vehicular traffic should be kept off the treated area until the emulsion has fully broken and the colour changes from brown to black, then the overlay should be applied.

It is recommended that Colbond 50 is only applied when the ground temperature is 5ºC and rising or <40ºC. Humidity should preferably not exceed 70%, however, Colbond 50 can be applied in higher humidity but this will prolong the break time. Because the base binder used in Colbond 50 is polymer modified, it behaves differently from conventional bitumen emulsions and it may therefore be necessary to warm the Colbond 50 to ease application. When applying through small motorised or petrol driven units ensure the sprayer system is flushed regularly, this is of particular importance when impeller driven pumps are used.


It is recommended that the Colbond 50 is applied at coverage rates specified in BS594987 Clause 5.5 application of bond coats.

For further information or guidance please contact our National Sales Office on 01925 632616.


Colbond 50 is available in bulk or 200kg drums.


Protect from frost. Bulk should be circulated before use. Drums should be rolled frequently to avoid separation. For further information please refer to BS434-2:2006 Section ‘Storage’.


Colbond 50 is a CE Marked cationic emulsion to BS EN13808:2013 C50BP5 which also complies with BS594987 Clause 5.5 Application of bond coats.

Property Test Method Performance Class
Emulsion binder content EN1428

Class 4 (48-52%)

Emulsion viscosity EN12846- 1 Class 3 (15-70s)
Breaking value EN13075- 1

Class 5 (> 170)

Recovered binder minimum Peak Vialit Cohesion EN13588 Class 4 (>1.0J/cm²)


For full safety information, please download the Colbond 50 Safety Data Sheet 11 in the link available below on this page.
CE Marking Information C16 Colbond 50 and Declaration of Performance C16 Colbond 50 documents are also available to download on this page.
For further information please contact us using the contact details provided on the page.