Jointgrip OB

Jointgrip OB is an anti-skid overbanding joint sealant. It is a proprietary formulation of blended paving grade bitumen incorporating special polymers and abrasive aggregates to provide a compound of toughness, flexibility, adhesiveness and resistance to flow.

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Colas Jointgrip OB Products

Where to use?

  • Horizontal cracks in concrete and asphaltic roads
  • Transverse and longitudal joints
  • Airfield surfaces where extra protection is required beyond edges or joints or cracks
  • Trench reinstatements
  • Patch repairs


Ensure that the joint or crack to be treated is dry, clean and free from dust, fuel and oil spillage. For best results cracks to be sealed should be thoroughly cleaned and dried using a hot compressed air lance, grit-blasting or power brushing to remove all detritus. Do not apply to icy surfaces or in cold, damp conditions.


Jointgrip OB should be heated and agitated in a purpose built temperature controlled bitumen preheater and horizontal mixer unit ensuring that the temperature does not exceed 200°C. The material should be discharged within the specified pouring temperature (170 - 200°C) into a pre-warmed suitable pouring bucket and then into an overbanding shoe of the appropriate width and applied at a thickness which should be between 2 - 2.5mm. Alternatively, for small sites, a heavy duty metal bucket may be used with a pourer lip, positioned on a purpose-built stand with gas ring. Jointgrip OB will need to be broken up and heated in the bucket to just pourable temperature and agitated with a flat metal stirrer, having one end curved to enable aggregate to be kept suspended.

N.B: Agitate the material in the bucket from time to time to avoid localised over-heating and aggregate separation (Warning: do not over-heat).

Density (SG) 1.5kg/ltr
Application/ pouring temp 170 - 200°C
Safe heating temp 200°C
Flash point >250°C
Softening point 85°C
Flow (ASTM Plate) ≤5mm


If required an application of sand whilst hot will remove reflectivity (gloss) of the finished overband - however, the initial gloss finish of the product diminishes soon after trafficking.


When used as an overbanding on reinstatement joints, reflective and small cracks, 1000kgs will overband approximately 3500 linear metres at 40mm width, 2.5mm height.

Rate of use may increase dependent on application.


Jointgrip OB is available in 25kg (approx.) paper sacks (40 x 25kg per pallet) and 12.5kg siliconized easy strip cartons (40 x 12.5kg per pallet).


Keep in a dry store under cover.


Jointgrip OB complies with the skid resistance value required by the new Roads and Street Works Act.



  • Wear suitable protective clothing (heat resistant gauntlet gloves, overalls, protective footwear, face visor)
  • DO NOT allow water to contact hot material
  • DO NOT exceed maximum safe heating temperature

If molten material contacts skin:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove
  • Immerse affected area in cold running water for at least 10 minutes
  • Seek medical advice without delay

NB: This product is hazardous for transportation when carried at temperatures above 100°C.

For full safety information please request the Jointgrip OB Safety Data Sheet 35 using the contact information on this webpage.