Leoseal R

Leoseal R is an economical flexible waterproofer and crack sealant designed for easy hand application.

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Leoseal R is a specially formulated combination of bitumen emulsion modified with an elastomer which together forms a tough and long-lasting barrier against the entry of water.

Leoseal R has excellent adhesive properties and can be applied to green concrete or damp surfaces.

Where to use?

  • Waterproofing below ground concrete structures
  • Crack sealant for roads and footways


Work should not be carried out in wet or frosty weather.

Surfaces must be dry or damp (no standing or running water), as well as clean and free from dust, oil and fuel spillage.


Stir contents of the bucket prior to use.


Apply Leoseal R in two coats using a turks head brush. The first coat should be at a rate of 0.55L/m² with the second applied at right angles at a rate of 0.45L/m². If the surface is hot, very dry or absorbent it may be helpful to first prime the surface with a thin coat of Leoseal R diluted in a ratio of 1 part water to 8 parts Leoseal R.

When finished, wash brushes with Leoclean immediately followed by soapy water.

When backfilling is necessary the Leoseal R treatment should not be left longer than 3-4 weeks before this is undertaken.

Crack Sealing

Cracks up to 3mm

Pour Leoseal R into the crack using a spouted can.

Any surplus on the surface should be brushed or squeegeed out to a thin film and dusted over after drying with cement or very fine sand to remove the tack.

Cracks >3mm and up to 25mm

Prime the sides of the crack with a brush coat of Leoseal R.

Mix Leoseal R with damp sand in the ratio of 1:1 by volume to produce a mortar.

Fill crack with the mortar mix.

Compact the material into the crack and smooth off the surface with a trowel.

N.B: Leoseal R sets by the evaporation of water from the product. Application should only be carried out in good drying conditions. A rain resistant set will be delayed if the weather is cold, damp or humid.


Waterproofing: 1lt per m²

Crack Sealing: this cannot be quantified as it depends on the depth of the crack.


Leoseal R is supplied in 200kg drums or 15kg re-sealable plastic buckets.


Protect from frost.


Leoseal R is a proprietary product manufactured to ISO9001 quality system which covers all Colas manufactured products.


For full safety information, please request the Leoseal R Safety Data Sheet 10 using the contact information on this webpage.