Patchmaster 200

Patchmaster 200 is a polymer modified cationic bitumen emulsion specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with automated spray injection patching equipment and to be used with an approved aggregate.

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Additional Info

The emulsion is used both as a tack coat and as a binder in the Spray Injection patching operation and is ideal for higher stress repairs.

Where to use?

In conjunction with automated spray injection patching equipment.


See operators method statement.


Patchmaster 200 is designed for use with specialist spray injection patching equipment and should only be used when the ground temperature is >5ºC and rising, and <40ºC. Humidity should preferably not exceed 70%, although Patchmaster 200 emulsion can be applied in higher humidity and in colder temperature but this will prolong the break time.


See operators method statement.


Patchmaster 200 emulsion is available in bulk loads or 200kg drums.


Protect from frost. Drums should be rolled frequently to avoid separation. Bulk material should be circulated before use. For further information please refer to BS434-2:2006, Section 5; Clause 5.2 ‘storage’.


Patchmaster 200 is a CE Marked cationic bitumen emulsion to BS EN13808:2013 C60BP4/5.


 Binder Content (EN 1428) 58-62% (Class 6)
Efflux 2mm @ 40°C (EN 12846-1) 15-70 s (Class 3)
Water effect on binder adhesion (EN 13614)  ≥ 90 (Class 3)
 Breaking behaviour (EN 13075-1)  110 – >170 (Class 4/5)

Recovered Binder

Penetration @ 25ºC (EN 1426)

<=220 - <=330 dmm (class 5/6/7)

Softening Point (EN 1427) >=39ºC (Class 7)
Cohesion by pendulum (EN 13588) >= 0.75/cm² (Class 5)



For full safety information, please download the Patchmaster 200 Safety Data Sheet 46 in the link available below on this page.
CE Marking Information C24 Patchmaster 200 and Declaration of Performance C24 Patchmaster 200 documents are also available to download on this page.
For further information please contact us using the contact details provided on the page.