Colas Cornwall Quarries comprises of two hard rock quarries, Carnsew Quarry and West of England Quarry. We provide a wide range of quarry products and asphalt to the local market by road, and further afield by road and sea.

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Carnsew Quarry

Carnsew Quarry is the largest inland quarry in Cornwall, located toward the centre of the developing area lying between Redruth, Falmouth and Truro. The quarry is sited within the Carnmenellis Granite Intrusion producing high quality coarse-grained silver-grey granite, in a full range of products to meet demand in all sectors of the construction industry. Our Ammann asphalt plant produces a range of asphalt products and has the ability to incorporate recycled material, such as RAP (recycled asphalt planings) into base and binder mixes. The quarry has been granted planning for extraction until 2095.

The on-site technical department provides laboratory, design and testing services enabling it to respond to customer’s specific requirements and ensure material quality is actively managed and conforms to relevant standards and specifications.

Our recent £1.5m investment in a mobile crushing plant at the quarry extends it's capability giving us greater flexibility in production and the ability to meet future market needs rapidly.

West of England Quarry

West of England Quarry is situated on the East Coast of the Lizard Peninsula, next to the village of Porthoustock. The quarry works a dark grey-green diorite rock in a full range of sizes. The quarry has its own wharf allowing the loading of a wide range of aggregates and armour stone directly from the quarry to ships or barges. The flexible quarry operation at West of England can prepare material to customers' own specifications if required.


Carnsew Quarry Products

Based on the edge of the Carnmenellis Granite intrusion, a silver-grey granite is produced in a full range of sizes including: 0/4mm, 2/6.3mm, 4/10mm, 6.3/14mm, 10/20mm, 20/31.5mm; Clause 803 Type 1, Crusher Run, scalpings and gabion stone.

Carnsew Quarry Coated Stone

The Ammann asphalt plant at Carnsew Quarry produces a range of macadams - open and closed graded, road base, binder and surface courses, Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) and Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) and can also produce asphalt mixed with red pigment.

West of England Quarry Products

A full variety of dark grey-green diorite quarry products are produced in a range of sizes including: 0/4mm, 2/6.3mm, 4/10mm, 10/20mm, 20/31.5mm and 20/40 mm graded aggregate; Clause 803 Type 1, gabion stone, and various sizes of rock armour.


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