Specialist processes and surface treatments


Carbon-friendly recycling processes

Our three Recycling processes lower CO2 emissions, cut landfill waste and minimise lorry movements. Repave, Retread and Deep Recycling provide a choice of environment-friendly options that reduce energy consumption throughout the construction cycle, as well as shortening repair time and easing disruption to road users.

Cold Applied Microasphalt

Ralumac is a HAPAS approved environmentally friendly, convenient and cost effective way of rejuvenating wearing courses and improving their appearance and effectiveness. It can be an effective part of any asset management strategy, preventing further damage and preserving pavement structure. The benefits include:

  • Versatile surfacing treatment
  • Cold mix properties reduce energy consumption and carbon emission
  • Resolves wheel track rutting and deformations
  • Specialist machines carry all the components of the treatment and can complete them in a single pass double coat application
  • Low noise characteristics
  • Can withstand heavily trafficked roads and principle routes
  • Uniformed and sealed finish

Takes out potholes up to 40mm deep

Ready for traffic in just under 30 minutes

Sustainable, energy saving solutions

Greater strength and durability

Ralumac High Texture (HT)

A quickly-applied polymer-modified microasphalt surface treatment, Ralumac (HT) is a fast and effective solution for worn-out road surfaces. Ralumac HT incorporates heavier-grade aggregates giving the finished road a more durable surface texture.

Ralumac 2000

Ralumac 2000 is a cold applied 0/6mm wearing course which incorporates a polymer modified bitumen emulsion and cellulose fibres, fibreglass can be added as a SAMI to reduce the effect of reflective cracking, with high quality aggregates.

Ralumac 1000

Ralumac 1000 is a cold applied polymer modified treatment suitable for a wide variety of sites but is particularly appropriate for restricted sites with limited access and high speed sites with heavier levels of traffic.

Bitutex FP

Ideal for footpaths, cycle paths, car parks and carriageways, it blends bitumen emulsion, aggregates and additives to provide maximum effectiveness, rapid curing and an even surface coating. It regulates and fills everything from minor cracks and crazing to 15mm deep potholes and marks without pre-patching.


With pre-patching, Paveseal is used for repairing severely damaged footpaths and carriageways. Based on the Bitutex FP formulation but also incorporating cellulose fibres and polymer-modified bitumen, it provides enhanced tensile strength and out performs conventional slurry surfaces. 

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