Stud Grout

Stud Grout is a hot applied bituminous compound which secures reflective road studs.

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Colas Stud Grout Product


Stud Grout has been developed in order to solve the pouring and setting problems encountered with some bitumen grouting materials. Adhesion, flow and pouring properties have been improved whilst still retaining recommended softening point and penetration characteristics.

Where to use?

  • To secure all types of reflective road studs


When grouting road studs, use the road stud manufacturer’s installation instructions ensuring that studs are dry and clean.


When using Stud Grout to secure road studs,  the wall of the cavity should be primed with CP Primer to ensure a good adhesion of the grout. Care must be taken to ensure that there is no condensation on the studs and in extreme cold, these should be taken from a warm storage area or warmed prior to laying. In cold conditions, the temperature of the Stud Grout should be raised accordingly and in frosty weather, this could well be up to, but not above 190°C to counteract the chilling effect that the cavity walls and body of the stud will have on the poured grout.


Spread Rate – refer to road stud manufacturer’s guidance.


Stud Grout is available in 25kg (nominal) paper sacks or as a shrink-wrapped pallet (40 x 25kg).


Keep in dry store under cover.


Stud Grout is a proprietary product produced to a manufacturing system accredited to ISO9001.



  • Wear suitable protective clothing (heat resistant gauntlet glove, overalls, protective footwear, face visor).
  • DO NOT allow water to contact hot
  • DO NOT exceed maximum safe heating temperature.

If molten material contacts skin:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove
  • Immerse the affected area in cold running water for at least 10
  • Seek medical advice without

This product is hazardous for transportation when carried at temperatures above 100°C.

For full safety information, please request the Stud Grout Safety Data Sheet number 33 using the contact information on this webpage.