M62 Motorway Upgrade




Widened slip roads at the congested J28 at Tinsley introduced additional lane capacity whilst new signalisation increased traffic flow at J27

  • £8.9m project
  • Improved safety at notorious black spot
  • Increased traffic flow
  • Upgraded existing traffic signals, street lighting and signs
  • £51k saved by installing 2 new feeder pillars


Project value


Project saving


  • Mission statement to improve safety for road users
  • Wider dedication to future-proofing Britain’s roads
  • Reduce plant and labour costs
  • Lower environment impact


  • A seamless ‘one team’ approach with Highways England
  • Integrated service significantly reduced labour costs and risks from unexpected events
  • Daytime, rather than night – working, saved time and money
  • Sharing equipment and transport reduced traffic to and from site, cutting the carbon footprint