Jointfill A2

Jointfill A2 is a hot applied rubberised bitumen compound designed to be tough, flexible and have good extension properties over a wide range of temperature conditions.

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C-Joint Product


Jointfill A2 is used for sealing horizontal expansion joints on concrete and asphalt pavements where low movement is expected. Jointfill A2 prevents entry of water and other materials, it has good recovery properties and low temperature flexibility. Jointfill A2 is not recommended for overbanding due to its lack of skid resistance, Jointgrip OB is recommended for this application due to its superior skid resistance properties.

Where to use?

  • Carriageway
  • Car parks
  • Footways


Joints must be cleaned by a hot compressed air lance or by grit blasting. Damaged joints must be repaired using an epoxy mortar approved by Colas Ltd. Joints should be primed with CP Primer before applying Jointfill A2.


Jointfill A2 is a hot applied rubberised bitumen compound which should be heated indirectly and agitated in a purpose-built sealant preheater unit with thermostatic control. Ensuring that the temperature does not exceed 190°C.

The heater unit should be oil-jacketed. The materials should then be pumped into the joint, or poured at temperatures between 170°C - 180°C using a melter pourer or bucket and ‘V’ mould, with the minimum loss of temperature. Joints should be sealed to a level of at least 3mm below the surface.

More thorough advice is given in BS2499-2:1992 Hot Applied Joint Sealant Systems for Concrete Pavements. Code of Practice for Application and Use of Joint Sealants.

Application Properties

Pouring temperature 175ºC/185ºC
Safe Heating Temperature 185ºC for 6 hours maximum. 190ºC maximum temperature.


Weight of Jointfill A2 sealant to fill 100m joint (kg)

Depth of Joint (mm)

Width of Joint (mm)
15 20 25 30 35 40
20 36 48 60 72 84 96
25 - - 75 90 105 120
30 - - - 108 126 144
35 - - - - 147 168
40 - - - - - 192


Jointfill A2 is supplied in plastic lined paper sacks holding 20kg (nominal) of material. Remove paper and put in to heating equipment.


Keep in dry store under cover.


Manufacture/QC Testing Jointfill A2 is manufactured on a purpose-built plant to an ISO 9001 quality system which covers all Colas manufactured products. Under this system all batches undergo rigorous QC testing before being released for use.

If a BS EN14188-1:2004 product is required see Jointfill N1 and Jointfill N2.

Test Specification
Softening Point Typically 70 to 90ºC
Cone Penetration (25ºC, 150g) 25 to 50mm
Flow (Mould Method at 45ºC) <15%
Extension Test (0ºC, ASTM D1191) Pass
Density Typically 1.2g/m² at 25ºC



  • Wear suitable protective clothing (heat Resistant gauntlet glove, overalls, protective footwear, face visor).
  • DO NOT allow water to contact hot
  • DO NOT exceed maximum safe heating temperature.

If molten material contacts skin:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove
  • Immerse affected area in cold running water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Seek medical advice without

This product is hazardous for transportation when carried at temperatures above 100°C.

For full safety information, please request the Jointfill A2 Safety Data Sheet 06 using the contact information on this webpage.